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Whether you're seeking to create customer-facing or internal-only web and mobile apps, businesses in every sector have embraced the mobile revolution to create new business models and address existing operational problems - but ultimately to gain an edge in their market. We can show you how industry best practice can be applied in your organisation.


The continued rise in the use of smartphones and tablet devices has brought with it a surge in the use of customised apps and web-based tools used by business. There are some often overlooked challenges that should be considered - such as the fact that although mobile and web apps and websites should be designed to be functional rather than just entertaining, user-interfaces need to be intuitive and engaging in order to guarantee end-user buy-in.

So how can modern website and mobile-enabled systems benefit your organisation?

  • New Market Opportunities:
    Create new revenue streams and drive increased customer engagement with websites and mobile apps that integrate into existing business processes and systems.
  • Increased Productivity:
    Ensure that up-to-the-second data and information is always available to your team. This can be particularly effective for sales and support teams who need to be onsite with clients.
  • Reduced Costs:
    Apps can reduce or eliminate numerous costs - from reducing client order delays to lowering customer support queries and from reduced travel/sales-cycle times to lower brochure and other printing costs. We can work with you to understand the potential for cost savings and the anticipated return-on-investment from the initial solution cost.
  • Reduced Admin:
    Automate tasks and submissions and reduce or eliminate paperwork and general administrative effort. Keep documentation instantly updated and filed, and remove painful, time-consuming tasks that suck employee time away from where it should be spent.
  • Secure Access:
    Have secure access to your internal business systems and data from anywhere in the world 24x7x365.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction:
    As more people use personal smart-phone devices, they demand access to similar tools and technology in the workplace. Reduce churn and generate employee-driven efficiency gains by facilitating improved time management and system access.
  • Better, Faster Decisions:
    With up-to-date information such as inventory, schedules, shipping status, customer information and other data easily accessible, sales cycles can be reduced, customer interaction can be improved and better decisions can be made more quickly.

Addressing some common concerns:

When building web and mobile apps for use by employees and partners rather than by consumers or the public, there can be concerns around how sensitive data can be protected, for example. Below are the three most commonly raised concerns, and how they can be comprehensively addressed:

  • Lost devices:
    All sensitive data is stored securely in a data centre and accessed as needed. Lost devices can be remotely deactivated and any residual data destroyed. The device ultimately becomes worthless and your data is protected at all times.
  • Connectivity Issues:
    If an internet connection is not available in certain areas where employees need to use the devices, a system can be designed to enable required data to be temporarily stored on the device, giving access to the required functionality exactly when it is needed.
  • Security:
    Industry leading security and encryption are used at all times to ensure your data is safe and never at risk of being compromised.

Eirtight can work with you to understand and address the priorities and risks associated with deploying mobile systems in your organisation. It's time to go mobile.

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