Development Team Outsourcing


The Right Team Is

The Difference Between Success And Failure

If you're developing commercial software you need people you can trust to deliver. We can help you to build or scale your development team with our "Skills-as-a-Service" model.


We like to keep things simple. If you need developers or other software project resources, we can provide them on a short-term, long-term, or per-project basis. Resources can operate onsite on your (or your client) premises, or offsite/offshore working remotely. A range of different skill-sets and experience levels are available on our team. You can have our resources working on your self-managed project within 24 hours.

So what are the benefits of this Skills-as-as-Service model for your business?

  • Place high-quality, experienced people onto your project or team at short notice.
  • Scale your team or sub-team up or down quickly and easily.
  • Benefit from extremely competitive daily or project-based rates.
  • Retain full control over and responsibility for your project deliverables in-house.
  • Remove the requirement for you to hire full or part-time staff.
  • Gain the ultimate in flexibility and control over your project resourcing.
  • Keep full visibility and control over costs at every stage of the project/engagement.
  • Manage peaks and troughs in your development cycle.
  • Take advantage of our wide project experience and broad technical knowledge.

Our team can help you to:

  • Complete a project that’s fallen behind schedule or otherwise run into difficulty.
  • Deliver a project where there is a lack of in-house resources with the required skill set.
  • Supplement a team that is under resourced or lacks available project time.

"We needed a number of .NET developers to supplement our team in order to meet a project deadline. Eirtight were able to provide us with resources that were not only highly-skilled, personable and had broad project experience, but that were very good value. The entire Eirtight team was flexible and willing to do whatever it took to ensure our project was a success. We retained a number of Eirtight people for an extended period of almost 3 years due to the quality and value we received and we look forward to working with the team into the future."

Paul Cryan, IT Director De Lage Landen (Rabobank)

This service-based model also enables you to white-label a highly-qualified development team as a resource you can offer to your clients or partners. You have the project, we have the people. It’s all so beautifully simple.

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